Probate Administration

Help Handling Probate

When you have lost a loved one the last thing on your mind is who is going to sort all the paperwork? Probate is a legal procedure that has to be gone through for assets to be released to the family. Many people are not aware of how this works and don’t know where to start.

Have you been appointed an executor but have no experience of probate?

There is a lot of paperwork and many complex procedures to be completed before Probate can be granted and it can be daunting and time-consuming to organise. Bank accounts are frozen and it can all seem overwhelming.

J M Wills and Legal Services can help reduce this burden so that you have more time to spend supporting your family and dealing with things that are more valuable to you. We provide a competitive, stress-free, guaranteed fixed cost service and can deal with all these urgent worrying matters immediately.
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If you are facing the minefield of probate, call us today on 0115 7522196 
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