Making a Will

What is covered in a will?

1. Property and Savings

Your Will can deal with any assets you have from your property and savings.

2. Children and dependents

A will can also decide who is going to look after your children. You can also make arrangements to care for dependents that have physical or mental disabilities and protect them and your assets from third party claims.

3. Your Business

If you own a business, we can help you make a specific Business Will which states who will run and deal with your business affairs after your death. We also can offer expert advice on different types of Trusts and how they work to your advantage. We have Inheritance Tax solutions and specialist marketing tools to ensure you pay minimum Inheritance Tax on your death so your wealth passes onto your loved ones and not to the Taxman.

4. Pets and possessions

For many people it is a comfort to have arranged in advance who will look after your pet if you no longer can. You can also make arrangements to gift your treasured heirlooms and items of sentimental value.

What happens if I die without a will?

Under the current legislation, if you die without making a Will, you have no say over who will get your wealth, there is currently a list of rules known as the ‘Intestacy Rules’ that make provision on who inherits when you die. If you are married it is unwise to assume that there is an automatic right that your spouse will inherit everything as there are exemptions to this rule. For unmarried couples, the situation can be much worse. J M Wills and Legal Services can provide you advice on this legislation and outline your personal situation in regard to this. Click here for the most up to date intestacy rules from 26th July 2023 and here for deaths between the 7th February 2020 and the 25th July 2023.

“During an open conversation with Jan, I realised that a friend of mine required her services. She told me that she found Jan patient and understanding and she was so relieved to have the peace of mind that she is now fully covered and that her son has been provided for.” 
Clare Adele Howe – Leicestershire

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